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Hi, I'm Dorian

executive director / chief executive officer / founder

Mental Health First Aider. Crisis Counselor. Change Leader. Advocate.

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Dorian Hollingsworth Jr, 22, is the Founder and Executive Director of Teen Care Network, Inc.


Dorian, known as a passionate, driven leader, has dedicated his life to supporting his community and empowering youth to take their mental health seriously by normalizing mental health conversations in communities of color. He truly believes in living life as a "Love Revolutionary" as he understands that genuine respect and love for all can heal hearts and minds worldwide.

Dorian's organization, Teen Care Network, mission is to bridge the gap between care and community by providing free mental health resources to teens and equipping the community with the necessary tools to have positive and healthy discussions around mental health.

Alongside creating safe, loving spaces and providing free resources, the Teen Care Network activates its work through volunteers called Teen Care Advocates. Care Advocates are people who commit themselves to create spaces of love by assisting those who are working through moments of helplessness. This is done through active listening, collaborative problem-solving, safety planning, and a connection to resources and other referrals.

Dorian is an Invested Faith Fellow as well as one of the 2022 recipients of Hope Center Harlem's Hope In Action Award! Dorian is a 2023 McDonald's Black & Positively Golden Change Leader and as of 2024 sits on the Board of Trustees for The Accountability Initiative.

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