Dorian Hollingsworth Jr.

Founder & Creative Director

The words Powerful, Unshakeable, & Adaptable seem to be just an understatement when speaking of the Dorian Hollingsworth Jr... Dorian, born and raised in the Bronx, is the founder of the Teen Care Network, bully prevention, and mental health initiative that is catered to teens. His caring personality and desire to listen started young. Throughout his early years, Dorian would pretend to stand in front of a classroom of students, which were really a bunch of stuffed bears, teaching. Leadership and a heart for change were in his blood. Throughout Middle School, Hollingsworth found himself in the light of bullies. Being bullied and called names because he wasn’t like his peers, and it began to affect his mindset. Dorian began to think that somehow what they were saying was the reality. However, through his trials, he gained triumph the moment he understood who he was and who's he was; and the bullies had no control over his life. Through self-meditation, Dorian became motivated to remember, he is Powerful, Unshakeable, and Adaptable! Dorian began walking in his purpose! Working in an Afterschool/Summer Camp, Lil Stars of the Future, Dorian educated children about Bullying and the importance of being a friend and not a bully. Trained in Mental Health First Aid and a certified Mandated Reporter, in 2018, Dorian Founded the Teen Care Network – a program by Teens for Teens! An organization that encourages vulnerability, visibility, and courage in order to experience healing! Dorian is empowered to pursue unlimited possibilities and is leaning into his purpose in life. He believes that in order to live in your purpose, you must live on purpose, and with intentionality each day.


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