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Sign up for Campus Cares!


Coming this fall, our Campus Cares team will launch its pilot. Campus Care Ambassadors. This pilot program will launch in 11 HBCUs in the country, then 10 in phase #2 of the launch. This teen crafted experience will support college students by providing free mental health related resources, supporting current campus health initiatives, giving students the power to champion being strong mental health topics, and facilitating Teen Care Network events on campus.

It is our hope within the next year to expand this program to every school in the country, but we need your help. If you're a Campus Executive, an interested Study Body Leader, or faculty/staff member at a college, university, or any other higher education learning center, sign up for more information on this program and connect Teen Care Network with your school - join the Campus Cares family (and get some gear too)!

Challenge accepted? Let’s rock!

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